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THE CHE'mist

Che' Tolentino a medical esthetician, owner of PREMIER PRETTY SKIN & CHE'mistry Cosmetics.

 UniSEX Body Care Line

My Story

WHERE TO BEGIN..... so a little about me. I'm a creative in general , so creating these products has always been something I wanted to do but just kept putting it off. I said to myself "what are you waiting for dammit". I wanted to combine LUX INGREDIENTS WITH THE THEME OF SELF SEXINESS because who can love on you the way YOU SHOULD LOVE ON YOU--- its a self love, self care kinda thing!  


 I purchased a small amount of ingredients and starting playing around with textures, smells and shared them all with neighbors, family, friends and clients of PREMIER PRETTY SKIN.  And I'm not exaggerating but they were BEGGING for more.


I can show you the text, dm's and emails they sent expressing how great the products were...... Well wait, LETS back up let me not get to far ahead of myself; my first batch was MEDIOCRE, but the second, third and fourth batch, let's just say I turned myself on with how amazing I created these products. 

BACK STORY.  In 1998  Nooo, I'm not gonna take you back that far but what I will say is growing up showing sexiness, sensuality or self love wasn't  expressed, I was always timid in that department. BUT now baby its time that CHE' shows the worlds how sexy she can be through these products... but not too much .....CHE' is still a MISTRY!!!! 

CHE'mistry Cosmetics


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